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Parker ORIGA

High Performance... From Foundry to Clean Room

Our ORIGA System Plus - Pneumatic (OSP-P) rodless cylinder is designed for maximum strength and minimum weight — offering complete flexibility for design engineers. The OSP-P cylinder's compact design combines actuation, guidance and control. And it includes modular accessories and components. The OSP-P is available in pneumatic and electric drive types and offers:

  • Stainless steel sealing band for ultra low-friction travel
  • Low-profile piston with optimum guidance
  • Single-end and multi-position air supply options
  • Extended seal life for minimum of 8,000 km operation
  • High direct-load carrying capacity
  • Stroke lengths up to 6000 mm (longer on request)
Illustration: Rodless Cylinders OSP Conversion to
New Part Numbering System

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